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Optimal Health Through Advanced Manual and Movement Therapies

Rich Yost portrait

Rich Yost

Somatics is derived from the Greek term soma which means of the body. Somatic therapy transcends traditional concepts and recognizes the integration of the human body through its physical and experiential components. Somatics seeks to encompass a body experience which includes not only the physical but also the temporal, spatial, sensorial, intellectual and emotional aspects of Being. The Somatic Experience is a deeply human experience which is conducted in a professional manner and within a private and pleasant environment.

Relaxing... Blissful... and Services for Groups!

Bliss Lotus

Many times people are simply looking to have a general relaxing massage. This is sometimes the best thing for us to relieve stress and tensions associated with our daily lives that are often filled with a hectic schedule and pace. I incorporate all my training and experience into a very pleasing and effective massage session which you will walk away from feeling healthy, energetic, newly recharged and vitally aware. My practice is home style, meaning I come to your home or office and work on you there. I travel to you so you can fully relax when we are finished. No need to get into your car and fight hectic travel, which re-stresses you. Simply continue in your state of bliss and center your thoughts on whatever feels good at the moment. I also can provide chair massage to organizations, massages for wedding parties, and other small or large events.

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